VMWare’s ESX Cloud

VMWare is a developer of virtual machine software and applications and has a cloud environment for running them in. Their ESXi provides a cloud infrastructure for hosting the virtual networks and deploying virtual machines to the remote cloud. Through running the VMWare ESX cloud host on one server, a whole miniature network of virtual machines can be run on that server with each taking up an allocated amount of space and resources. The greater the amount of RAM available on the hosting server, the more virtual machines that can be run within the cloud.


VMware’s ESX cloud features depend on which license is purchased for the product. It can be purchased as part of VMware’s vSphere products such as the standard, advanced, enterprise or enterprise plus packages which all add some advanced resource management sets with each edition. For example, if you were to hot add hardware such as RAM, CPU’s or use the power management interface to save on power consumption by the server for the virtual machines, the enterprise and enterprise plus editions integrate those features. It is important to note that the license costs for these features are quite expensive, but worth the cost if you need the extra flexibility for running your cloud server.